By engaging with The Empath Oracle, you will:

  • Better understand your unique ability as an empath

  • Start to reclaim power over your sensitivities

  • Receive practical and spiritual guidance from the divine

  • Learn how to manage your energy and find balance

  • Embark on a deeper journey of self-discovery

The 62 cards and corresponding guidebook provide a unique and accessible way to navigate everyday life as an empath and will allow you to start feeling empowered by your sensitivities, rather than overwhelmed. 


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Creator of The Empath Oracle

Hi there! My name is Monica and I'm the creator of The Empath Oracle — an oracle deck featuring 62 originally designed cards and a corresponding guidebook.  


Most people know me as Monica the Medium, from the Freeform (formerly ABC Family) original television series. But aside from being a medium, I'm also an empath. I can feel and absorb the energy and emotions of others like a sponge(Maybe you can relate?) 


I created this deck to help people like me navigate everyday life as a sensitive soul. I know firsthand how overwhelming it can feel at times. My hope is that through using this deck, you'll better understand your unique ability and gain tips, tools, and divine guidance that will aid you in moving forward with confidence. It's time to stop feeling like there's something "wrong" with you because you're someone who feels so deeply. Instead, let's come together to support fellow empaths and begin celebrating our sensitivities!  

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This deck was brought to life thanks to our amazing backers who supported The Empath Oracle Kickstarter campaign. Additionally, this deck would not have been possible without the incredibly talented Rachel Fishman, who helped bring my vision to life by creating all of the unique and original designs across the entire deck.