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Are You Having Trouble Asking For or Accepting Help?

Empaths know all about lending support, they’re just usually on the giving side. Because of your ability to relate to and experience the feelings of others, it's likely that your friends and family have come to depend and lean on you. ⠀⠀

Often you are happy to lend a hand to those around you—even strangers. You've probably had many instances where you've stopped what you were doing to help a colleague with a task or take a call from a frantic friend who needed someone to vent their problems to.

Your high level of compassion for others is a part of who you are, but you have the tendency to give, give, give—until you have no energy left! Then when the time comes when you need help, you either don’t ask for it, or you struggle with accepting it. ⠀⠀ Maybe you’re worried about being an “inconvenience” to your friends and family, or perhaps you feel embarrassed to communicate your needs. ⠀ Understand that there are people who want to help lighten your load. Accept that you are loved. ⠀

By asking for help, you are not being a burden—you are nurturing a closer, more honest, and more balanced relationship with the people in your life.⠀⠀ -@empathoracle The Empath Oracle: A 62-Card Deck & Guidebook⠀ ✨Created & Written By @MonicatheMedium 🎨Original Artwork & Design By @ProcessProgress Join the waitlist at to be notified of future print runs and to get first access at purchasing the @empathoracle whenever it's back in stock!

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