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Did you know?

An estimated 15-20 percent of the world’s population is highly sensitive (HSP), and a lot of these people are also empaths (which means that in addition to being highly sensitive, they also tend to soak up the energy & emotions of others).

How can I tell if I'm an empath?

Are you highly influenced by the energy around you?

Do you absorb the feelings and emotions of others like a sponge?

Do people have the tendency to randomly open up and offload all their problems onto you?

Do you feel utterly drained and exhausted around certain people or in specific places?

Do you avoid reading or watching the news because of the emotional toll it can have on you?

Are you overwhelmed in crowded places and even smaller social gatherings?

These are just a few signs that may indicate you're an empath.

For more, check out this episode of Wine & Spirits with Monica the Medium:

16 Signs That May Indicate You're An Empath 

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