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Coronavirus Panic Sinking In? It's Time to Shift Your Mindset.

Hi friends,

If you’ve been feeling anxious with all that’s been going on recently, I encourage you to take several deep breaths and try to remember that you have the power to shift your perspective. Yes, of course we should be taking the necessary precautions and follow the official recommendations. But it’s also important to work on your mindset — which is the one thing you do have control over in the chaos of everyday life. Take responsibility for how you choose to view things. This might be hard, but take it one step at a time. One thing I find helpful is to try and pinpoint what (or who) could be exasperating the feelings you’re experiencing. Then take action accordingly. For example, if it’s the news or social media that’s making you feel more on edge, then change the channel or unfollow/mute those accounts. Better yet, turn off your devices for an hour or even the whole day if you can! This is especially important for empaths. While you personally may not feel concerned; there’s a strong chance you could be absorbing the fear, panic, anxiety, and worries of those around you. You might not even realize that you’ve been picking up on the feelings of your inner circle, your community, or even the world at large.

So be sure to check in with yourself throughout the day. In doing so, if you intuitively sense that the emotions you’re experiencing do not belong to you, then close your eyes and take a moment to ask your angels to help you release them. You can also engage in *healthy* forms of stress management such as journaling, meditating, reading, calling a loved one (but only after setting the ground rules that certain topics are off limits lol), or doing whatever else helps you to feel grounded and more at ease. Side’s been raining & gloomy the entire week here in San Diego. I know this can also affect overall well-being for many of us. But to my SD friends — this too shall pass (as all things do) and our sunny days will be back before we know it! ☀️ And remember that ultimately, whatever the life experience may be — good or bad — if it’s part of one’s soul contract, it’ll happen regardless. Have faith that everything works out as it’s meant to! 💫

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